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  • How do FOAM Parties work?
    We arrive 20-30 minutes before the start time. We set up with a 5X5 tent with our Foam Cannon. An hour party uses about two bath tubs full of water. The Sound system and foam cannon starts up the party! Some inflatables such as beach balls will be added to the party to add excitement and fun! A foam party includes most of the same elements that a regular party would: Music, dancing, and even some games are possible. The only difference is that with a foam party, the dance floor will be covered in fun refreshing foam, which as you can imagine, gets people into the party mode pretty quickly
  • Is the foam safe for kids and pets?
    YES! Our Foam Solution is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, biodegradable and safe for kids, pets and the environment. We DO NOT use dish soaps that can dry or irritate skin. We only use professional grade foam solution.
  • How do you clean up after a Foam Party?
    Our foam solution is designed to dissapate in the sun but for extra precautions, we spray down the foam before we leave the party.
  • Do you get wet in the foam?
    Running through foam may leave you damp and you can easily dry off in the sun. Playing in the foam pile for longer will get you wet. We suggest a towel for each guest at a minimum. A change of clothes or swimsuit is ideal.
  • What do you wear for a Foam Party?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. Running through the foam will leave you damp and will dry in the sun. But swimsuits are suitable for kids and adults who will be in the foam for longer periods. Goggles are best for kids who choose to play or sit inside the foam pile. It is recommended that everyone bring a towel.
  • Where should I have my Foam Party?
    Our Foam Cannon can fill up an area of up to 30x30 ft. The foam works great on grass but can also work on driveways, parking lots or closed-off roads. We recommend avoiding dirt, dry grass or poorly maintained areas because this makes for a muddy mess. Concrete, pavement, or sports courts work the best! The foam is not "slippery" like most people assume. Just make sure the area is free from any obsticles that may get hidden under the mountain of foam. Water hookup and the outlet must be within 100 feet of your foam party area.
  • How long is a Foam Party and how much does it Cost?
    Pricing is $300.00 for an hour, $425.00 for 1 1/2 hours, and a special 2 hour rate for only $525.00. If you have a large group and need a longer visit, just let us know. (prices reflect local travel only - but we are willing to quote a party in any location!) Call for additional packages that could include Magic Shows or Balloon Twisting or longer periods of time. Call: (270) 860-3131 or Email:
  • How do I schedule my Fun Foam Factory Party Experience?
    To lock in your selected date based on our availability, a 20% non-refundable deposit is due upon booking (1 hour event = $55.00). The balance is due on or before the day of the event. We accept Cash, Check or Money Orders. For your convenience, we can also accept credit or debit cards on request - there is a processing fee of 3.5%. (1 hour event $275 + cc fee $10 = $285)
  • Do you provide Glow Foam Parties at night?
    Yes! For an additional fee we can make the Foam Glow under UV lights! It is an experience that your group will never forget! Please contact us to find out more information. 270-860-3131 or
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